What is Love?

This Valentine season it is interesting to talk about love, isn’t it? I am a hopeless romantic person and I should blame it to the romance novels and movies that I’ve read and seen in the past. Many of my friends are already planning their Valentine dates and gifts for their loved one. So I bet you’re also in this state right now. I cannot offer you creative and unique ideas for your Valentine dates, but maybe I can help you get inspired in doing it.

Allow me to share you some of my favorite quotable quotes from some of my favorite romantic movies:

A walk to remember


The Vow

Love Actually


Dirty Dancing 



50 First Dates

The Notebook

PS I Love You




Things I look forward to in 2014

Another year has come and I am really excited for it. New year, new adventure, and new me. There are many things that I am thankful for last year. And I am hoping that in 2014 there’s a lot more to be grateful for.

Here are the things that I really look forward this year:

* New Job

* More Travels

* More Writing

* More time to read

* Learn something new